Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

As the sun peeks through the trees at the end of a summer morn, I stand on the sand reflecting on morning devotionals.

I feel the peace of God all around me.

Have a blessed New Years!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ On The Wings Of Eagles Christmas In Africa ~

In the heart of Africa this majestic Fisher Eagle rests after
his flight ... how powerful this beauty as he brings you the
most precious story of the celebration of Christmas at the
orphanage in Kalomo, Africa

Some wee missionary children preparing the
celebration for the birth of Jesus ...

What a gift for Jesus ... a smiley face of
sweetness for our babe on His birth,
prepared for Him with the hands of His
precious children ...

The children put together some Christmas
projects sent over by a church ...

The gathering of the children anticipating the
Christmas party celebration ...

Gathering of His flock to hear His word &
love @ Kalomo PWC

As you prepare to celebrate the most beautiful 'BIRTH'day of the year, I leave you with this ~ without Jesus, there is nothing.